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Lisi Osl Trail

A wonderfully flowing trail which is 2 km in length and which winds its way via 450 metres altitude, along the Sautalgraben, in lots of serpentines and steep twisty turns into the valley. Freeride whizzes will have great fun here, since at increasingly high speeds, the many turns prove to be all the more challenging while the speed bumps lure you into some long jumps. In the valley, the Gaisberg lift 'piggy backs' you to the start again! Bike transport tickets cost € 13.00 and are valid for several repeat downhill sessions. Incidentally bike hire is available right at the Gaisberglift at!

Keyfacts about the MTB trail: "Lisi Osl Trail":

Details Key facts
Tyrolean MTB route number: 203
Time needed to ride the route: ca. 1:30:00
Altitude difference: 450m
Difficulty level: S1/S2 (easy/moderate)
Length: ca. 2.3 km
Route make-up: 40% Asphalt 30% Gravel 30% Trail
Start elevation: 832 m
End elevation: 1264m
Best time for the tour: May to October
Mountain range (Region): Kitzbühel Alps (Kirchberg)
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